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Sasquatch is Trick or Treating on Jack Link’s® Beef Jerky’s Facebook and Twitter Halloween Week

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Jack Link’s wants to know: If @mesasquatch came to your house on Halloween, would you #tricksasquatch or #treatsasquatch?”

Sasquatch found Wi-Fi in the forest and has taken to Jack Link’s® Facebook and Twitter accounts to respond to fans tricking or treating him. Beginning Sun., Oct. 27 through Halloween, fans and followers who respond to Jack Link’s Facebook and Twitter posts asking “If @mesasquatch came to your house on Halloween would you #tricksasquatch or #treatsasquatch?” may receive a personalized video or photo response from the elusive and hairy beast. How Sasquatch responds depends on whether fans/followers choose to trick or treat him.

In addition to posting status updates, Jack Link’s is engaging fans through a brand and Halloween relevant keyword strategy. Photo and video responses on Facebook will appear in Jack Link’s status update comment threads as photo or video comments. Photo and video replies on Twitter will come directly from the @mesasquatch account and be retweeted by the @JackLinksTwitter account.

“If Halloween doesn’t say ‘Feed Your Wild Side,’ I don’t know what does,” said Kevin Papacek, director of marketing at Jack Link’s Beef Jerky. “We love Halloween and our fans love Halloween, which is why we have created an engaging and delightful experience for fans that embodies the Halloween spirit.”

The Jack Link’s Halloween social engagement was created by its digital Agency of Record, space150, and is being supported by email, promoted Facebook posts and a jumbotron ad during the Minnesota Wild Game at Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, Minn. on October 28, 2013.

Example (conversation and personalized video response):

Jack Link's engaged pro wrestler, James Storm a.k.a. @Cowboy_J_Storm based on his use of the keyword #messinwithsasquatch. The entire conversation can be found here. The best part about this engagement is that James Storm responded in his own video to @mesasquatch.

Sasquatch Responds to James Storm's #treatsasquatch

James Storm Responds to Sasquatch

So, what would you do? #tricksasquatch or #treatsasquatch?


Lisa Grimm


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