The future is here. And it’s made of… cardboard?

In 2016, we’ll see the rise of immersive content thanks to innovations in accessible VR and 360° technology. This year we printed limited edition, space150 Google Cardboard headsets and mailed them to our friends on Santa’s nice list. 


Whether you have a sweet space150 Cardboard or one of your own, you can use Cardboard to explore custom space150 content, including LA from the air — the Hollywood sign like you’ve never seen it before and a sunset thousands of feet above the City of Angels. Or an immersive dispatch from the streets of Paris from the NYT. Or experience the first VR trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens from Disney. 

space150 360 LA video

We’re so excited to share this emerging trend with you, and we cannot wait to experiment more with this technology in 2016. 

Ready to get started?

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Important noteGoogle Cardboard is a VR initiative from Google. This means new features come to Android first, then to Apple devices. In the YouTube App you can view 360 videos on both platforms by rotating your phone to see all around you. On Android, you can also watch these videos with the Cardboard viewer for a more immersive experience. Support for Apple devices will be coming soon, but we couldn’t wait any longer to send these out!