view from space

Our work for Be The Match has been recognized by some of the most prestigious organizations in our industry. The campaign, “Be The Guy,” has won an Effie, marketing’s quintessential effectiveness award, and was a finalist for The Webby Awards (including a Webby for Good award) and the infamous Art Director’s Club.

Also, the interns are coming. So we made a custom chatbot to help us manage potential recruits. Just text “intern” to 20-150DEETS (201-503-3387) and it asks, among other things, if you have a preferred way to see a dog wear pants.

Starting in June, we’ll have 10 new interns across our offices in Minneapolis, New York and Los Angeles.

Tee it up!


3 Things to Watch

Here are three tech trends you might have missed in April:

Stories are the New NewsFeed
Social media has always moved in eras. The Myspace era was defined by the page, a place people visited to see compiled interests, thoughts, and info about their friends and family. Next came the newsfeed which has dominated social networks for the better part of the last decade. Now we live in the era of stories. Read more.

Facebook Spaces: VR With “Friends”
Facebook Spaces launched at Facebook’s F8 conference. The product is a first taste of Facebook’s ambitions to bring social interaction into 3D virtual spaces, allowing users to  connect their Facebook accounts and connect through voice and body language. Read more.

Google is working with the Coalition for Better Ads
Google is taking on the aggressive explosion of ad-blockers. After initial reports that Google itself was building an ad-blocker, it’s become clear that they are instead trying to solve the stagnation within the digital media and ad-blocking arenas. For better or worse, the company is taking a leadership role in setting new standards for ad quality. Read more.

Featured Story

Air Max Day Blast Off

Our team in Venice was on a mission. Nike was celebrating its 30th Air Max Day – the shoe that took Air to new heights. Over the last 30 years, no technology has become more synonymous with Nike than Air, so we wanted to celebrate it and literally take the shoe to the next level. We sent their new Air VaporMax to space and recorded the whole thing. Read more about it over at Adweek.