view from space

February was another big month. Coming off our work with Brett Favre and Buffalo Wild Wings, we’ve continued to take 360 video to new places – literally.

Last month, a crew from our offices in New York and Minneapolis joined Conde Nast Traveler to help promote Royal Caribbean. From St. Lucia to Antigua and San Juan, our team captured and produced some amazing 360 video work. Check out more below.

March is another big month for us, and there’s more great stories to come.



3 Things to Watch

Here are three tech trends you might have missed in February:

YouTube is Poised to Pass TV Viewership in the US. We often talk about “YouTube as the world’s second largest search engine” but it is also on the verge of passing TV viewership in the US. Worldwide watch numbers have grown 10x since 2012.

Surprise Surprise, Facebook is Starting to Eat Snapchat,  Snapchat’s growth is slowing, due in part to the launch of Instagram Stories. It seems Snapchat’s growth is now driven largely by the late majority (read: older demo).

Brand messaging on Facebook just got easier. Facebook’s Messenger Platform is now open for standard messaging, with business and developers having the ability to respond to messages initiated by users of the social network’s messaging application.

Featured Story

The Caribbean From A New Angle

As mentioned above, we partnered with Conde Nast Traveler on behalf of award-winning cruise line Royal Caribbean. The videos, which were launched on Conde Nast Traveler’s site and in social, explore some of the cruise line’s best ports in the Caribbean, immersing viewers in everything from Kite Surfing like a pro to zip-lining through the jungle canopy.  Check out the site we built and the videos here or on YouTube.