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I told you to expect some big powder kegs in 2017, and we just lit the fuse on a pair:

Buffalo Wild Wings gave us an incredible opportunity to leverage Brett Favre for the Big Game. During the playoffs, our team first teased fans with a :30 Broadcast TV spot with peculiar secret agents alluding to why Brett threw 336 INTs.

Social media created more intrigue leading up to a final Big Game broadcast spot, revealing BWW was the culprit with their famous #hitthebutton campaign.

The results were fantastic: over one billion impressions! It’s a classic case study on how to weave broadcast and digital together seamlessly, generating results only agencies like ours can deliver.

In addition to Favre, we worked with UFC star Conor McGregor and Jon Lovitz in a digital/broadcast launch for the Pegasus Cup, the world’s richest thoroughbred horse race. We developed, produced, and released a comedic web series followed by a broadcast spot during the race, compliments of Wedding Singer director and space-pal, Frank Coraci.

Again, the results were mind-blowing: over 15M video impressions in the weeks leading up to the race. Check out some of that work here.

March will bring another mega trick-up-our sleeve, so stay tuned, esp if you like epic films and an Irish actor that has the same last name as Erinn Farrell.  2017 is off with a bang…


3 Things to Watch

  • Facebook continues to try new ad formats across its platform. In January, the company announced it would launch News Feed-style ads right on the Messenger screen. It also debuted plans to add mid-roll ads into some publishers’ videos after those videos have played for at least 20 seconds.
  • Meanwhile, Snapchat and Instagram Stories now have the same daily user figures – 150M. That means since October, 50M more people check out Stories. That also means…ads. Instagram has started showing ads between people’s Stories.
  • Speaking of Stories, Facebook is planning to launch its own live Stories, short user-generated photo and video montages that disappear after 24 hours. Yet another Snapchat copy – and only available in Ireland for the time being, but given the success of Instagram’s Stories, it’s probably a smart move. 

Featured Story

Buffalo Wild Wings’ #HitTheButton Campaign Creates Super Bowl Buzz

The Buffalo Wild Wings campaign focused on traditional and digital components to create tremendous conversation and interaction. Leveraging an existing campaign idea, which fans and celebrities have continued using for the last few years, we tapped into Brett Favre’s infamous interception record and hints at conspiracy to extend the idea – literally – into a historic overtime.  In the end, we helped the brand drive 91M social impressions, nearly 20K campaign mentions and 29M views of the campaign video. Read more about the campaign in Fast Company.