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We’re wrapping up Summer in a big way. We brought on some big-time talent, including a new head of strategy and new head of client development – both firsts for the space150 network. We launched a super simple chatbot for the Olympics and launched our own VR tutorial. We also have a new office just off the beach in Venice – you should come say “hi”.

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5 Things to Watch

September was a big month for shifts in social platforms and consumer behaviors. Here are five things we’re watching in September:

  1. Twitter, which could be purchased by Disney (?),  no longer counts photos, GIFs, or videos toward its 140-character limit. Additionally, the company is testing out saving users’ tweet space by moving “@” Twitter handles outside of the tweet box.

  2. Snapchat, now Snap, Inc. will hit nearly $1 billion in ad revenue by the end of 2017. And, it’s just released its first hardware product, Spectacles. We partnered with the platform recently on behalf of Be The Match to help engage and connect with potential donors.

  3. Twitter is adding a livestreaming video app to Apple TV, Fire TV and Xbox One. Users can now watch Thursday Night Football. Throughout this year, company has announced a series of livestreaming partnerships with the NFL, MLB, NBA, Bloomberg News and others as it pivots from being only a social network to a destination for video content.

  4. Joining Facebook Messenger, LINE, WhatsApp and others, Google announced Allo, its new messenger app – though reviews are fairly negative. We’ve done some experimenting with chat applications recently, and built a chat bot to help our social teams cover the Olympics.

  5. As part of a major marketing revamp and agency overhaul, McDonald’s is leaning heavily into digital and plans to double the amount of content it cranks out this year. McDonald’s CMO: “This year, we will create roughly 5,000 pieces of marketing content, so we’re making more content but we’re also challenging ourselves to make our content much more valuable to our customers.”

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Featured Story

go for launch

Be The Match launched a campaign on Snapchat, Twitch, Reddit and other digital properties  that zeroes in on young guys. The campaign dubbed “Be the Guy” is designed to show millennial guys how becoming a bone marrow donor fits in with their day-to-day lives. Read more in Adweek.