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We recently dropped Version 40 – XXXX. It was inspired by our no bullshit attitude, and the creative direction of our Chief Operating Officer, Dutch Thalhuber.

That’s 40 times we’ve reinvented, reinvigorated and realigned our identity, and calibrated our teams for the current state of the new economy.

Visit SPACE150.COM to take a look at our latest case studies and new look.

This October, we rolled out new work for Nike, Xcel Energy and Buffalo Wild Wings. Take a look at the new PUCK-O-MATIC INSTALLATION we launched at the Xcel Energy Center to help support our partners at Xcel Energy and the Salvation Army’s HeatShare program.

We were in full blaze for Halloween, one of space’s favorite holidays, and launched IMESSAGE STICKERS for Halloween and our Venice office’s annual R.I.P Tide event. Let me know what you think.

Have a great Thanksgiving…



3 Things to Watch

October marked some huge news from the digital ad and platform world. Here are three big things we saw last month:

  1. Reddit rolled out a new interest-based ad targeting product, focusing on the communities on the site that visitors frequent. That means we’ll be able to target based on people’s interest in sports, for example. We recently worked with Reddit to reach you guys for Be The Match – check out the case study.
  2. RIP Vine. Last month, Twitter announced the service would be shutting down. The service created an opportunity for a special breed of creator in a unique format, but it faced competition from Snapchat, Facebook Live and other up-and-coming popular services and platforms.
  3. Both Snap and Instagram updated the way they deliver, display, and monetize their stories. Snap is pulling the redesign it made in June to its Stories tab and rolling out new features, like Story Playlists and post-roll ads. Instagram, meanwhile, started displaying Stories atop the Explore tab in a bid to get more people to tune into its service.

Featured Story

New Installation at Xcel Energy Center Helps Those In Need

Minnesota Wild Fans now have a new way to give to charity and take home memorabilia from the Xcel Energy Center. We partnered with these organizations to give Wild fans the opportunity to create a personalized, laser-engraved piece of the Wild experience. Proceeds from each personalized puck will go to HeatShare, a low-income energy assistance program of the Salvation Army. Check it out here.