Introducing The Baroness

Red Baron Pizza understands motherhood is perfectly-imperfect. So it partnered with space150 to launch a new brand campaign featuring a new brand character: The Baroness.

Inspired by real stories that moms share with each other, this campaign features a new ad, “War Stories,” featuring the Baroness and mom influencer Kristin Hensley.  

The Baroness
Baroness Jacket

Patches For Days

The Baroness sports a bomber jacket adorned with various patches. Each patch represents the different experiences and adventures that moms face every day.

Baroness Jacket
Baroness Patches

Say It With Stickers

In addition, new iOS stickers were created to let moms reward each other in funny and relatable “mom-isms”

“We’re excited to introduce the Baroness, a mom who understands parenting doesn’t always mean perfection. As the new voice of the brand, the Baroness will speak to busy moms as only another mom can, by finding humor in the often-hectic moments of motherhood, and by sharing patches to remind moms just how well they are doing, every day, even when they don’t realize it.”  

April Anslinger, Chief Growth Officer, Schwan’s Consumer Brands, Inc.