Mad Max: Fury Road Without CGI
Creates Viral Hit

space150 was tasked with producing and capturing all the behind the scenes, documentary content for the groundbreaking, Oscar-winning blockbuster, Mad Max: Fury Road. With this unique view, we saw an opportunity to bring this to life in a shareable way and footage to create a unique experience for fans.


We created a short film highlighting all the in-camera, live-action, real-world stunt (and raw movie) footage we had captured. Warner Brothers loved it and a viral hit was born.

Mad Max: Fury Road

While we shot the bulk of the original footage, we also built a relationship of great trust with director, George Miller, to be afforded permission to access his brilliant daily footage.

Mad Max: Fury Road


In the end, we delivered, edited and produced the final piece, which appeared in Warner Brother’s marketing, Blu-ray and DVD releases and in the movie’s social channels. The video was also picked up in press in a major way.

Today, the video has more than 3M views across the internet, proving that unique, shareable content is always a winning strategy.