Chief Growth Officer

Matt Benka is Chief Growth Officer at space150. He helps the brands we work with navigate a changing marketing world and create solutions for digital businesses. An army brat who got his start in the business almost two decades ago, Matt quickly became a nationally recognized graphic designer. Striking out on his own, he founded an award-winning agency, serving as its Creative Director. Making the move to Minneapolis, Matt spent six years at Red Circle Agency before leaving his position as VP of Operations to join the team at space. Matt led the account services department for six years before departing to lead the account service and digital teams at Fallon, helping the agency change the way it brought together social, media and digital with creative and strategy.

Matt returned to space150 with a concise counter argument to “traditional advertising.” He’s worked with brands of all sizes and verticals from Coca-Cola to Buffalo Wild Wings to Danone.

A Jersey kid turned Minnesotan, he is an avid fly fisherman and lives in Minneapolis with his wife and kids.

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