Cambria Launches New Augmented Reality Design App

Together with our client Cambria, the only family-owned, American-made quartz producer, we announced an industry-first with the launch of Cambria AR, an augmented reality (AR) app that allows consumers to virtually sample Cambria’s beautiful countertop and surface designs in their homes or commercial locations. They can even share the images and designs online with friends, clients, and family.

Using the latest Apple ARKit technology, the Cambria AR app allows consumers and trade professionals to virtually map surfaces, such as countertops and kitchen islands, and overlay Cambria designs, replacing the existing surface with the virtual design. Now, in addition to showroom sampling, consumers and professionals can now use their Apple device to see how Cambria designs will look in their home or offices.

“Augmented Reality will be a game changer in the design industry for consumers and professionals alike,” said Brian Peters, CMO at Cambria. “As the leader in stone surfaces Cambria is adopting and bringing the remarkable technology to our consumers in a very simple but powerful app. There’s no better way to see Cambria’s stunning designs then in your very own kitchen.” The new app will be available on ARKIt Compatible iOS devices through the Apple App Store. Built to be intuitive, it works in three easy steps:

  • Scan: Use the app to scan your room and surface.
  • Create and Edit: Using a simple touch interface, users outline their countertop, island, or area to see with virtual Cambria designs. Once the surface is mapped, the app will automatically display a new virtual surface. Users can choose from multiple design styles and swap back-and-forth to see how the design will look in your home.
  • Capture + Share: The app has the ability to share photos or video of the virtual design that can be shared with others to help you make your decision.

Take a tour of the app below:

“AR will change the way consumers design their homes, and Cambria is facilitating a new revolution in design innovation by integrating the virtual and real worlds nearly seamlessly,” said Marc Jensen, Chief Innovation Officer at space150. “Cambria AR has set a new bar for the consumer experience and solved a real challenge by making it as easy as possible to try before you buy.”

Download Cambria AR in the Apple App Store