Diversity of thought, experience, and cultural perspective

space150 launched our Diversity and Inclusion Initiative in 2016, to address issues of disparity being seen and felt in both our agency and in the advertising community at large.

This diverse volunteer-based group of 20+ space150 team members (from C-level leadership down to Associate level employees) across all three offices and all disciplines is impassioned to produce inclusive and authentic work for our clients, utilizing a workforce that reflects the world around us, and build a collaborative and safe workspace for that work to come to life.

While we know that there’s much work to be done towards building a more inclusive and diverse culture, we’re proud of the advancements that we’ve made internally to make space150 more inclusive for nearly every team member, regardless of tenure, title, age, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation or any other factor. space150 is a place where anyone can openly be themselves and feel supported and celebrated in doing so.

We are 100% committed to making sure space150 is always a safe space that is collaborative and inclusive.

The space150 D&I committee

is currently focused on several broad goals designed to improve workforce diversity, increase retention, and educate our employees on issues of race, class, etc. These goals are spearheaded by our four subcommittees:


Focusing on increasing diversity in the company through recruitment and retention at all seniority levels as well as informing policy.


Making sure space150 is a fun and flexible place to work for all employees regardless of specific needs (e.g. disability, having kids, WFH needs, etc.)


Ensure that employees feel appreciated in their current job and empowered to learn and grow 
at space150.


Creates internal and external programming and content with a focus on educating employees and the public. For example, Get out the Vote Campaign (external) and Black History Month movies (internal). D&I leads and HR to oversee.