“Mad Max: Fury Road” Without CGI Becomes Viral Hit

We partnered with Warner Home Entertainment to help promote the Oscar-winning film “Mad Max: Fury Road” nearly a year ago. As part of that, we helped produce a view of the action without CGI as part of the Blu-Ray and digital download versions of the film. Now, more than a year later, it’s been uploaded to a random YouTube account and is having a second viral life on tech and culture blogs. Check out the video here:

The idea of the piece was to showcase director George Miller’s commitment to the crash and give viewers at home a sense of just how amazing that commitment was.  The video uses pre-production tests, behind-the-scenes video, and raw footage from the film that hadn’t been edited. This even included GoPro video we pulled together.

Now, the video has been picked up by Mashable, Deadline, Business Insiderand iO9, among many others.

The second life of this video shows the power and virality of exclusive, behind-the-scenes, quality content.

We salute the team at Warner and George Miller for allowing us to concept and create this special feature! More photos below:

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