Make Better: Dog-gone Good 360 Video

Last week, we debuted a new 360 video in support of the Humane Society as part of our Make Better initiative. The video, which was played as part of donation drives at bars and breweries in New York, Minneapolis, and Los Angeles, immerses viewers in the perspective of an older dog’s adoption journey. We chose to focus on the problem of older dog adoption, as dogs as young as five are often overlooked in shelters. And we always root for the underdog. 

Make Better is an employee-run group of spacers across our network that volunteer their time to an organization or event over the course of 150 days. It involves both space150 employees and  friends and family who are interested in getting together outside of work to give back to the community. The main objective of this program is to not only create the opportunity for employees to get together to share their time and energy to participate in and give back to our community, but also harness the passions of our civic minded space150 employees to inspire change or awareness.

We wanted to focus on a cause within the Humane Society that we could access on a national level, and reach individuals on a level that they can relate to. After reading many facts and statistics about where shelters are hurting most, we chose to focus our messaging around the adoption of senior dogs that are in need of homes. People generally want a puppy, and dogs as young as five are often overlooked in shelters.

We also wanted to be able to measure our success, and worried about the feasibility of holding an actual adoption event after we did some research. So we decided that dollar donations were the best way to support the cause.


From the get-go we had the creation of a 360 video in mind. There are many fundraiser events that are held to raise money for Animal Humane Society, and the goal was to do something in ‘Destroy Convention, Create Demand’ fashion. Our final video, A Lucky Tail, places the viewer in the dog’s perspective, and shows their adoption journey from the humane society to home. It hits a sweet spot – while it tugs at heartstrings and shows sad realities of dog adoption through fact blurbs, it doesn’t feel overtly sad or negative. The experience leaves you with an uplifted feeling of happiness seeing a senior dog finding a home.

We held three Give A Dog A Home events in NYC, LA and MSP surrounding National Dog Day. The turnout was great at each event, with a good mix of space150 folks and those who heard about the events by word-of-mouth and social promotion. Many people experienced 360 video for the first time, and we saw very positive reactions, and even some glassy-eyed people that were moved by the video. We also provided informational materials about adopting senior dogs and local shelter locations for each city. spaceWest was able to combine the event with an adoption component, and two senior dogs were adopted.

We’re thrilled that our 360 video received over 1,800+ views on Facebook alone and hope to make even bigger waves on our next Make Better initiative. Share and like the video on Facebook here.