Martin Luther King JR Day

Martin Luther King JR Day | Support – Honor – Remember


This week Martin Luther King Jr. would have been 90 years old.
It’s a long weekend, and people will do whatever they want on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. That, after all, was a part of MLK’s dream. 
This year, our Diversity and Inclusion team crafted a list of organizations in LA, MPLS, NYC, and beyond that doing important, impactful work. If you’re inclined, you can spend time with them or support them with a donation in honor of the life and legacy of Dr Martin Luther King, Jr. 
Los Angeles
Participate in a day of service by preserving land and restoring habitat for the education and enjoyment of all:
Support a group committed to healing, educating, inspiring, and supporting Black women, to tap our personal power to enhance and improve our health and well being:
Team up with a non-profit Community Kitchen serving hot meals to homeless communities in LA. Open for volunteers Monday-Friday:
Rise early to be a part of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday Breakfast, a fundraiser to benefit the UNCF MLK Legacy Scholarship:
As part of the national movement to come together on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day to serve their neighbors and communities, Second Harvest Heartland is once again hosting “Bring Your Child to Serve Day” on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day:
Increase awareness and raise funds that support a mission to eliminate poverty housing from the Twin Cities area and to make decent, affordable shelter for all people a matter of conscience:
The Food Centre at House of Charity feeds more than 350 people each day. This year on MLK Day, volunteers will be assisting in serving food in the mission to feed those in need, house those experiencing homelessness, and empower individuals to achieve independence:
TCAH operates NYC’s largest emergency food pantry — five days a week, New Yorkers in need visit the pantry to receive free food. The pantry is unique because it allows clients to have a choice in the food they are given, similar to shopping at a supermarket. 
An initiative created by Muslim’s Against Hunger, the Hunger Van uses local volunteer facilities for volunteers to prepare and distribute meals in neighborhoods where hunger is a real issue:
Kids can honor the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and take part in the creation of the annual Martin’s Mosaic, a community art installation. Those ages six and up can drop-in to make Blessings Bags, filled with non-perishable essentials to be donated to people in need:
More Organizations
An organization that uses hair, beauty and health education as an entry point to support teenage girls in social issues that impact them during their formative years. 
A global empowerment movement dedicated to inspiring, emboldening, and celebrating the awesomeness of women and girls of color.
The Food Group works to provide locals in 32 counties in Minnesota and Wisconsin with opportunities to breaking down barriers to growing good food locally and getting good food to those who need it.
A non-profit that organizes career & college readiness programs and host public education events to help young people achieve their potential in school, work, and life.
Open Arms of Minnesota cooks and delivers free, nutritious meals to people living with life-threatening illnesses in the Twin Cities.
A trusted and free resource for families to help them prevent crises by offering services to those facing unemployment, health issues, domestic violence and many other difficult situations.
IOCP helps struggling families and individuals in the Twin Cities through a variety of community-based initiatives that deliver family support, food, housing and neighborhoods, education and youth, employment, and transportation.
Loaves and Fishes serves free, nutritious meals to people in need in the Minneapolis community. Volunteering is open to all.
If there are any organizations we missed, feel free to tell us at @space150 on Instagram.