Twin Six Taps space150 for Online Overhaul

Destroy convention by day, cycle by night. Walk through any of our offices and you’ll be met with rows of bikes, making it no secret that space150 has a passion for cycling from coast to coast.

That being said, we jumped at the opportunity to partner with Twin Six, a revolutionary cycling lifestyle company, to redesign its website to reflect the rider lifestyle, breaking the industry’s sea of sameness with style inspired by real graphic trends.

“As an independent agency, we love working with brands that want to create their own version of the future. It’s been that way since the beginning,” shared Brian Ritchie, Executive Creative Director at space150.

Live now, the new e-commerce experience celebrates the brand’s meticulously crafted designs and caters to its prominently mobile customer base.

“As designers ourselves, handing off the design end of things to someone else can be a bit difficult. But from the start we have had complete faith in the crew at space150, not only on the front-end design side of things, but also backend development and deployment,” stated Twin Six owner, Ryan Carlson.

“We couldn’t be more happy with our new online home, and look forward to dialing in the details as we roll into 2016,” shared Twin Six owner, Brent Gale.

Pedal on over to the website in its new gear:




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