space150 x Tiago Valente: A New Creative Process

space150’s mission is to Destroy Convention, Create Demand. Our work pushes the boundaries of creative & technology and is at the forefront of digital innovation.

At this year’s OneClub Creative Summit VR Showcase in NYC, we revealed the capabilities of working in TiltBrush and the influence it has on the creative process by collaborating with multidisciplinary artist and innovation strategist Tiago Valente.

Our intent was to juxtapose the conventional, analog process with the unconventional, virtual process in order to demonstrate in real-time the efficiencies that this platform provides.

We began by asking ourselves, what happens when art & technology combine in VR and how does that affect our creative process? Our belief was that it would provide us limitless discovery journeys, maximize creative efficiencies, and transcend time and space limitations.

To prove this we tested how long it would take to arrive to a concept virtually (vs physically) by relying on our artistic muscle memory to work gesturally and removing real-world distractions by putting focus on virtual objects.

The result of our experimental collaboration provided us with several insights. One, we could create work-ups and prototypes in a very short amount of time. Two, we were able to remain focused on our goals and achieve a very intimate experience. And three, we were able to supply our creative craving for discovery and exploration in ways that the physical process doesn’t offer.

Check out some of the rendering videos below: