The Disappearing Internship: space150’s Search For Interns on Snapchat

This year, space150 launched its intern program on Snapchat and was the first to tap into the power of the platform’s geofilters to target and reach students at campuses and public areas across the country. It was a huge success both in the submissions we received and the creativity it produced, as well as the buzz it created for the agency.

We targeted 29 campuses and public areas across the country, and expanded our usual targeting to include schools like Penn State, Howard and Spelman, as well as places like the Venice Skate Park in LA. The goal was to meet potential new spacers in the digital places they were already interacting with and create curiosity about space150. The filters looked like this:


Potential interns had to follow the agency’s account to receive this brief: “Create a Snapchat story for one of our brands as if it were the year 2020.”

The program was designed so we can see how candidates think about creating content and set themselves apart in a medium they’re comfortable with. And it allows us to focus candidate thinking on a very specific task to see how they can hack it and freak us out.


By the end of the two week campaign, the filters were viewed 230,000 times and used 6,000 times.

“Those stories that came back were everything from a little bit philosophical to hands-on product benefits or positioning a brand that’s really for men or women,” said Greg Swan, vp of social engagement at Space150, told Adweek.

We had 115 people apply for the program and selected 10 for positions that start in June. 

The program has gone on to replicated by schools like NYU, other agencies and even job seekers. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery 😉