Naturally Unnatural


01. What Is This?

Every 150 days we rebrand. Why? To stay on top of trends, technology and to take the opportunity to experiment. For V.48, we’ve done just that. Through a generative art algorithm, we’ve built a library of assets of floral heads, leaves, seeds and stems that randomly generate a unique flower every hour. On this page you’ll see the latest 48. Come back in a few days, and the collection will be entirely different.


02. Why Did You Make This?

Nature, art and technology influence one another. Tapping into the beauty and organic randomness in nature, we set out to create a similar output with technology. Fusing both the predictable with the unpredictable, we’ve created a collection of rigid yet organic floral outputs.


03. Try For Yourself

Mess around with your own generative art piece when you click and explore the brush tool. Or, hit destroy and let the rules of John Conway’s Game of Life do its worst.