We change our entire identity every 150 days. We don’t change who we are, we sharpen our focus to the changing world around us.

“The Art of Illusion”

This Art represents an idea. Always changing, always evolving, just like us. Good ideas can come from anywhere and take many different forms. But the result is always beautiful and oftentimes surprising. Enjoy this art, place it in your space. Let it inspire you the way it inspires us to keep asking how we can make experiences for our clients even more magical.

This gallery is best experienced in Apple Vision Pro, but is just the beginning. Check back even after Version 52 to see how space150 continues to bend the line of what’s possible when creativity meets technology.

Everything’s an illusion. Until it’s not.

Great feats in both creativity and technology seem almost impossible. Until the magic of each idea, strategy or piece of tech takes shape. This version of space150 scratches the surface of that feeling when you take curious, creative and talented people and give them problems to solve.

So feast your eyes and senses on Version 52. Where everyone will experience something different, depending on your senses and perspective of reality. What’s real or not is up to you to decide. But one thing’s for sure. Our work and the people behind it, certainly are.

From Our Clients

v52 magic bug imagev52 magic bug image

“We chose space150 to redesign the website for our Trendsend service because of their relevant case studies and technical chops. Not only did the space team deliver their usual technical wizardry, they made the entire project engaging and fun. That collaborative alchemy was the secret to great work – it invited us to challenge one another and never take the path of least resistance."

Tom Novak
CMO, Evereve

Past Versions

deepSpace Culture Trend Report

From the rise of maximalism to the influence of Gen Alpha, this report delves into the evolution of emerging trends into significant cultural movements that will define the remainder of 2024 and beyond. Stay informed and ahead of the competition by downloading the full report.
v50 raccoon
v50 heart