Our Work

Inspire Sleep Apnea Innovation
Creative, Strategy, UX/UI Design, Engineering, Media

We created a people-first brand for Inspire Medical, disrupting the sterile and one-toned medical marketing. Our work included a bold brand, new visual identity, lead-generation system, educational website, and optimized content engine.

Toro - Revolution Series
Creative, UI/UX Design, Engineering

We rebranded Toro, a traditional lawn care company, into a tech-forward solutions provider with a rich history by emphasizing innovation, balancing tradition and modernity, and providing various assets such as a microsite, brand guide, and trade show.

Red Wing - Tough Love
Production, Creative, UX/UI Design

space150 and Red Wing collaborated to develop a unique creative platform for their Global Care Event. The goal was to emphasize the longevity of Red Wing boots through proper care, and increase care product sales by encouraging customers to take care of their boots.

Prairie Organic Vodka - Prairie Spirit
Strategy, Media, Creative

Our platform for Prairie Organic Vodka emphasizes being organic and present. In the second year of our partnership, we'll expand on this through diverse content, partnerships, and experiences, sharing stories and connecting with Ecopolitans.

Version 45 - TravisBott
Engineering, Creative, Production

TravisBott is an artificial neural network that produces rap music by using the music library of Travis Scott to train the machine in grammar and rhyming cadence. The resulting music is surprisingly similar to Travis Scott's style.

Nike - Vapormax Behind the Design
Strategy, Creative, Production

When Nike came out with the Vapormax 2020, a shoe that aimed to make the lowest carbon impact to-date. To celebrate a shoe made of literal trash, we created a series of social videos demonstrating Nike’s progress in more sustainable, innovative shoe design.

Amazon - Sound of Metal
Production, Creative

Amazon asked us to create an online experience to promote a movie premiere, ensuring the experience was inclusive for the deaf and hard of hearing community. We created a music video trying to imagine what it would look like to see sound. Actor and signer Paul Raci and musicians Elise Trouw and Travis barker performed a cover of Metallica’s “Enter Sandman.”

UX/UI Design, Engineering

Zuora asked space150 to help establish Subscribed as THE trusted leader, information source, curator and taste maker on the business and culture of the Subscription Economy. We did so by grounding ourselves in a strategy led with people and culture, not business. We call this the reverse mullet – cultural of-the-moment and community in the front, business in the back.

Infuse - Brand Launch
Strategy, Creative, Production, Engineering

Bradshaw Home asked space150 to help launch, support and evolve Infuse, a modern, environmentally-friendly cleaning brand. A full brand ecosystem was developed to support the product release in Target stores nationwide, as well as a direct-to-consumer website.

Engineering, Creative, UX/UI Design, Strategy

Aerial Rapid Transit Technologies (ARTT) engaged space150 to rebrand its LA gondola initiative. Once the new look and feel was established, we redesigned and redeveloped their website, alongside the creation of a sizzle video, all used to build awareness and excitement around the project.

Nike Los Angeles - Girls Of The Game
Strategy, Creative, Production

Nike Los Angeles asked us to tell the story of young female athletes from East Los Angeles and the impact sport has in their lives. When’s the last time you saw a woman wearing a football helmet and pads? The next generation is going where others haven’t before, we sought to catalyze the belief that no boundary is unbreakable.

Buffalo Wild Wings - Mobile First Ordering Experience
Engineering, Creative, UX/UI Design, Strategy

We created a mobile-first ordering experience for Buffalo Wild Wings. Desktop ordering is out. Phones are in. But most phone ordering experiences suck. We gave Buffalo Wild Wings a mobile-first ordering experience befitting that made ordering wings right from your phone refreshingly painless, beautifully simple, and intuitive

Call of Duty - 141
Creative, Engineering, Strategy

Activision asked space150 to create a visual experience to create hype and start conversation. We used Snap AR and a physical card to create an exclusive experience for our influencer community that we knew would spark sharing.

Be The Match - Be The Guy
Engineering, Production, Strategy

Be The Match asked us to create a campaign to promote bone marrow donations. Our campaign celebrated our target in all their goofball glory and let them know that even a guy with chevron pattern body hair can save a life. All they had to do was step up.

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