Our Work

Beats by Dre
Creative, Strategy, Production

Day in and out, we use our fluency of the constantly evolving language of internet culture as well as our deep passion for music, sport, celebrity, and fashion to allow Beats By Dre products to absolutely radiate on social.

Inspire Sleep Apnea Innovation
Creative, Strategy, UX/UI Design, Engineering, Media

We created a people-first brand for Inspire - an innovative alternative to CPAP therapy - disrupting the often sterile and one-toned world of medical marketing.

Strategy, Creative, Production

Not everyone lives near a mountain. We helped Vasque appeal to a larger population, one that increasingly feels the pressures of being “always on” in their daily lives, to log outside.

Nike - Cactus Trails Trading Company
Strategy, Creative, Engineering

How do you promote a hyper limited-edition Nike x Travis Scott shoe drop to a captive at-home audience during peak Covid? And pull it all off in 1 month? Yeah.

Strategy, Creative, Engineering, UX/UI Design, Media, Analytics

In less than 3 months, we helped a revolutionary CGM product for diabetes management go from niche to national, competing on the big stage with Dexcom, Freestyle Libre, and the rest of its billion-dollar category.

Design, Production, Engineering

We were asked to give "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" Premiere guests an AI experience to immerse themselves into the Amazon series by interacting with HiHi, the digital chat operator who assigns espionage missions. Our solution: a little smoke and mirrors.

Strategy, Media, Engineering, Analytics

Maximizing on the eyeballs from the hit series "Yellowstone" and its location, 6666 Ranch, we created a modern eCommerce experience to market the real ranch's premium beef products.

Creative, Engineering

The concept was daring: a trailer, completely created by AI, to promote a new series about rogue artificial intelligence. This vision led Fox to space150, sparking a partnership that would venture into uncharted territory of content creation.

L.A. Dodgers
Creative, Engineering, Production

Dodger Stadium is steeped in history and tradition. We tapped into experiential AR to give Dodger fans a modern, up-close-and-personal experience they'll never forget.

Engineering, Creative, Production

What if AI was a tool for original expression, not a replacement for it? Welcome to TravisBott, an artificial neural network we built to make original rap music, based on the existing catalog of Travis Scott.

Red Wing - Tough Love
Production, Creative, UX/UI Design

Red Wings are built to last. We helped the iconic brand promote a global retail event for hardcore aficionados to service their existing boots, so they can last for years to come.

Amazon - Sound of Metal
Production, Creative

To promote the Amazon film "Sound of Metal," we created an online experience featuring a music video for "Enter Sandman" that was inclusive for the deaf and hard of hearing community.

Toro - Revolution Series
Creative, UI/UX Design, Engineering

We helped Toro turn your grandpa's lawnmower into a tech-forward brand through a refreshed brand strategy, creative platform, digital, and trade show experience.

Nike - Vapormax Behind The Design
Strategy, Creative, Production

Vapormax 2020 was Nike's lowest carbon footprint shoe to date. To celebrate a product made of literal trash, we created a series of social videos demonstrating Nike’s progress in more sustainable, innovative shoe design.

Prairie Organic Vodka
Strategy, Media, Creative

The Prairie spirit is all about keeping it organic. We created a social platform that celebrated the "go with the flow" mindset, from brand expression to branded cocktails.

Be The Match - Be The Guy
Engineering, Production, Strategy

Be The Match asked us to create a campaign to promote bone marrow donations amongst younger males. Instead of going the touchy-feely route, our campaign celebrated our target in all their goofball glory. All they had to do was step up.

Call of Duty - 141
Creative, Engineering, Strategy

Influencers, especially gaming influencers, have seen every trick in the brand partnership book. Activision needed to connect with them in a new way, so we created an exclusive AR experience that could only be activated with a physical object.

Buffalo Wild Wings - Mobile Ordering Experience
Engineering, Creative, UX/UI Design, Strategy

Most phone ordering sites and apps suck. We gave Buffalo Wild Wings a mobile-first ordering experience that made ordering wings right from your phone refreshingly painless and deliciously simple.

Nike Los Angeles - Girls of the Game
Strategy, Creative, Production

Nike Los Angeles asked us to tell the story of young female athletes from East Los Angeles and the impact sport has in their lives. When’s the last time you saw a woman wearing a football helmet and pads? The next generation is going where others haven’t before, we sought to catalyze the belief that no boundary is unbreakable.

Infuse - Brand Launch
Strategy, Creative, Production, Engineering

Bradshaw Home asked space150 to help launch, support and evolve Infuse, a modern, environmentally-friendly cleaning brand. A full brand ecosystem was developed to support the product release in Target stores nationwide, as well as a DTC website.

UX/UI Design, Engineering

We helped Zuora establish Subscribed as THE trusted leader, information source, curator and taste maker on the business and culture of the Subscription Economy through a brand identity and multi-channel digital ecosystem.

Engineering, Creative, UX/UI Design, Strategy

Aerial Rapid Transit Technologies (ARTT) engaged space150 to rebrand its LA gondola initiative. Once the new look and feel was established, we redesigned and redeveloped their website, alongside the creation of a sizzle video, all used to build awareness and excitement around the project.

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