Buffalo Wild Wings


A New Mobile-First Digital Strategy Drives Orders

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Everyone knows that the Buffalo Wild Wings experience is all about wings, beer, and sports. Beyond the in-restaurant experience, consumers expect more. As more and more consumers interact with the brand with their phones and competition ups-the-ante, its digital presence needed to adapt to demand and set a new standard for mobile experiences.

The brand turned to space150 to engineer, design, and launch a visually-stunning mobile-first site and native apps for iOS and Android.


We saw an opportunity to leverage the latest mobile development frameworks and tools, such as Facebook’s React Native, and build the new Buffalo Wild Wings apps and site to be fast, flexible, and easy to navigate.  

We expanded delicious imagery site-wide and brought all menu features up front so fans can easily get to what they love. Moreover, we made it easy customize their selections from the nearly limitless options of sauces, sides, sizes, and toppings.

Because every visitor is different and Buffalo Wild Wings is international, we engineered everything to adapt to individual fans. Based on location, time of day, and other factors, the content, offers, and menu items presented are tailored to users.

Take a tour of the new Buffalo Wild Wings site here.



Increase In Transactions


Increase In Online Order Revenue


Increase In Average Order Value


Increase Mobile User Satisfaction