Call of Duty - 141


The competition to drive interest and share-ability with key influencers has become more difficult year after year. Activision (and frankly the industry), needed to breakout of the basic tropes for sparking hype and starting conversation. Leaning on the way modern consumers share content cross-platform, we tapped into the visuals of AR to create conversation in a new way.

Call of Duty provided their most ardent influencers, celebrities and professional gamers alike, with a personalized and exclusive experience via AR experience via an aluminum, bulletproof “black card.” The card initially was introduced as an exclusive invitation to Modern Warfare’s Reveal Event, and became the go-to destination where exclusive intel could be found first.

We used Snap AR and a physical card to create an exclusive experience for our influencer community that we knew would spark sharing. Knowing how content is shared across platforms, we turned influencers into our distribution model, giving them access to updates via a physical card that would populate updates about the launch of the game, including new weapons, maps, and events.


  • Animation
  • Augmented Reality
  • Campaigns
  • Communications Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • Creative Direction