World’s first 3D robotic billboard

Still Moving

A New Dimension For Coca-Cola In Times Square

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While millions of consumers travel to New York City’s Times Square every year, few brands have ever been able to stand out. Coca-Cola set out on a mission to change that – and set themselves up for another decade of creative prowess.


Drawing on inspiration from 3D design and elements of mixed reality, we launched the world’s first and only 3D robotic billboard. The new display features thousands of independent, computerized LED cubes that move seamlessly together to bring new virtual dimension and movement to static, video, and 3D content.

Developed over five years in partnership with Coca-Cola, this patented display technology allows for nearly limitless versatility and multi-dimensional freedom in how creativity blends the digital and physical world.

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Billy Jurewicz

CEO and Founder,

“In the glowing heartbeat of New York City, we’ve partnered with Coca-Cola to take first step toward an inevitable future in which the virtual and physical worlds are blended. We’ve developed the hardware and software to deliver a new dimensional experience today. Consumers today demand new experiences, but billboards have not evolved to meet that expectation – until today.”