Inspire Sleep Apnea Innovation

Creative, Strategy, UX/UI Design, Engineering, Media, Analytics

Breaking the boundaries of medtech branding.

The Challenge

Introduce a cutting-edge sleep apnea treatment to CPAP-intolerant patients, driving them to take the next step.

Our Approach

Leverage deep patient insights to disrupt traditional medtech marketing, providing hope and a clear path forward to struggling patients.


Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) robs millions of Americans of restful sleep—and puts their lives at risk. For decades, CPAP machines were the only answer, despite failing nearly half of all patients. Enter Inspire, a breakthrough alternative OSA treatment. This innovative sleep therapy features a small implanted device that works inside the body to help those who struggle with CPAP finally get the sleep they deserve. Inspire partnered with space150 to create a brand as revolutionary as its technology. We spotlighted patient struggles with empathy and a touch of humor, shattering the bland stereotypes of medical marketing. This bold content, combined with a striking visual identity, a hard-working website, and targeted lead generation, drove groundbreaking success in the medtech sector.

Our Services

  • Audience Segmentation & Ethnography
  • Journey Mapping
  • Personification
  • Brand Strategy
  • Creative Platform
  • Brand Identity
  • Platform & Campaign Concept
  • TV Production
  • Radio
  • Social
  • Website Development
  • CRM Implementation & Full Integration
  • Marketing automation, Email, SMS & Personalization
UX/UI Design
  • Wireframes
  • Content Strategy
  • User Flows
  • Site Structure
  • Full UI Design
  • Cross-Channel Media Strategy
  • Paid Search & SEO
  • Paid Social
  • Publisher Integrations
  • Programmatic
  • Media Analytics, Optimization & Testing
  • Website Analytics & CRO
  • Creative Testing
  • Audience Analytics


Rooted in the promise of life-changing sleep, the design system takes inspiration from the moonlit sky, restful calm and dreams.
We ditch medtech clichés for relatable CPAP humor, forging an instant, genuine connection with patients.
The site is designed to gently guide patients through the funnel, from learning how Inspire works to seeing if they qualify for the implant to making an appointment with a doctor.

The Results

Over 10MM web visitors annually
Increase in brand awareness (2021-2023)
Increase in web sessions (2021-2023)

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