Nike - Kyrie 6 Launch


Nike Basketball asked us to tell the story of Kyrie Irving’s 6th signature shoe dropping in 11 different colorways in 11 different cities, on 11/11.

Kyrie is a one-of-a-kind icon in basketball and feels strongly connected to iconography, especially the number 11 and “The Third Eye.” With the concept of 11:11 representing Kyrie’s unique perspective, we crafted a video that brings the viewer on a visual journey through NYC as Kyrie sees it.

Giving a nod to each city’s unique sneaker drop, we shot over 30,000 photos to form visual pattern transitions within NYC as our vehicle to bring us from one city-themed sequence to the next, finishing with a tease of an unreleased 12th colorway.


  • Art Direction
  • Campaign Strategy
  • Live Action Direction
  • Live Action Production
  • Post Production/Edit