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The Challenge

The outdoor category is a values-driven space, with brands like Patagonia, REI, and Arc’teryx owning deep but similar conversations with consumers about seeking refuge in the outdoors. Authenticity is key, but often lacks brand differentiation. For Vasque to stand out, they need to own their values in a fresh way.

Our Approach

In order to disrupt the current outdoor culture we pushed against a universal truth: society’s addiction to work & technology.


Since 1964, Vasque has been a quiet but steady participant in the hiking boot category, a crowded space known for brands touting their performance in the most extreme of conditions.

But most people don’t live near a mountain. To appeal to a new generation, one that increasingly feels the pressures of being “always on” in their daily lives, they’ve pivoted their brand to focus on a greater feeling—simply getting out.

Vasque believes in supporting a more accessible and equitable outdoor experience—one that anyone can seek, every day, for relief from an increasingly repetitive, device-addicted, and stress-filled world.

Our big idea is rooted in the truth that disconnection from devices is the best way to reconnect with yourself.

“Log Outside” is more than a tagline—it’s a rally cry for daily escape to the outdoors.

Our Services

  • Audience Segmentation & Ethnography
  • Journey Mapping
  • Personification
  • Brand Strategy
  • Social Strategy
    • Integrated Campaign
    • Brand Design
    • Consumer Messaging
    • Tagline
    • Packaging Design
    • Photography & Video
    • Social
    • Print
    • Packaging

    space150 helped Vasque define the Log Outside mantra and bring it to life across all communications channels, including an in-depth brand toolkit for Vasque’s internal teams.

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